VQ CBD - CBD Disposable Vape Pen - French Vanilla - 300mg-500mg

Is there a better way to end your day then with a fresh scoop of French Vanilla ice cream as you curl up on the couch and get caught up with all your favorite shows? We think not. After all, it’s the transcendent simplicity of French Vanilla that makes it one of the best things you can put in your mouth – period, end of story. With the pure awesomeness of French Vanilla reigning supreme in the hearts of every American, it makes sense that VQ CBD would want to inject some Vanilla-flavored goodness into their new line of CBD Disposable devices. One draw from this easy-to-use, geometrically-pleasing disposable device and you’ll swear you were tasting the creamy, indulgent textures of actual French Vanilla ice cream in your mouth – just, you know, without any of the unwanted calories. Contains either 300mg or 500mg of cannabidiol, plus medium chain triglycerides and natural and artificial flavors. When you’re done, simply chuck it in the wastebasket and get yourself another one!

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