Hemplucid - CBD Vape Juice - Drip - 150mg-1500mg

Hemplucid’s Vape / Drip provides full-spectrum, Whole-Plant™ hemp CBD in our proprietary formulation. This is one of the quickest ways to feel the effects of whole-plant CBD.


While sublingual or orally-ingested CBD must pass through your digestive system, you can offset the percentage of CBD lost in this digestive process by vaping your CBD. Vaping is a practical solution to bypass the waiting-time of oral ingestion with CBD entering your lungs and passing directly into your bloodstream.

In short, this means that you can achieve the same beneficial effects through vaping a much smaller amount of CBD.


Vaping allows CBD to take active effect in your system immediately. You can feel the effects of our Vape/Drip solution within minutes, making vaping an extremely efficient method of delivery

Lab Reports

Drip - CBD Vape by Hemplucid 150mg Lab Report
Drip - CBD Vape by Hemplucid 300mg Lab Report
Drip - CBD Vape by Hemplucid 1500mg Lab Report
Drip - CBD Vape by Hemplucid 500mg Lab Report
Drip - CBD Vape by Hemplucid 1000mg Lab Report
CBD Milligrams

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Type: CBD Vape/CBD Vape Juice

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