New Dream Sleep Aid 25mg Capsules


Hemp Gel Caps That Works - Made with enhanced Hemp Extract (25mg ).
All of our ingredients are naturally sourced and designed to work with your body and not against it. A truly quality edible product to enjoy orally .
Quality Sleep - Our easy to take Hemp Gel Caps makes dosing quick and easy without the bad taste. Hemp gel caps assists in slowing down a racing mind which in turn promotes a high quality relaxing and deeper sleep. Wake up feeling more refreshed and improve your overall quality of daily life. Hemp contains a wide range of valuable nutrients, flavonoids and terpenoids. Our natural melatonin helps regulate the body's "sleep-awake cycle." Assists in the relief of jet lag and insomnia.
Grown & Made In America. New Dream hemp extract is made in USA from certified 100% hemp. It means no herbicides, pesticides, chemical fertilizers or GMO - only highest grade product.
We are proud that our hemp gel caps are made in a certified and inspected lab so you can trust the product you are buying. Professional quality standards and every single batch of New Dream hemp gel caps are 3rd-party tested for purity and potency and each bottle is manufactured in the USA.


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