Social - CBD Pet Tincture - Broad Spectrum Peanut Butter - 250mg-500mg

There’s just something special about peanut butter that animals cannot seem to resist. Whether it is a wild animal or one living in the confines of your home, the allure of peanut butter often proves too much for them to resist. Social CBD’s Peanut Butter Pet Tincture manages to capture that same feeling in a liquid form, providing your pet with a treat that will taste identical to their favorite food item! Each bottle contains 30mL of oil and either 250mg or 500mg of broad spectrum CBD. Each broad spectrum hemp extract is full of additional cannabinoids and terpenes that allow the effects of the CBD to be experienced with an extra boost! This tincture is perfect for use as a tool in training your pet. Unruly and untrained pets can often learn discipline more effectively when they have a strong incentive to do so. There could be no stronger incentive for your pet to work hard and learn than this tincture, which can be administered after each successful training session similar to a normal treat. Your pet will even come to like this tincture more than the treats you were using originally, since this product will also provide them with a serving of high-quality CBD. You can give you pet this tincture both directly and indirectly. Directly, you can fill the dropper that comes attached to the bottle and drip the oil directly into your pet’s mouth. Indirectly, you can apply the oil to the food of your pet’s next meal. Its peanut butter flavoring will keep the pet from rejecting it. Serving size varies depending on the size of your pet, but generally speaking, most pets only need a few drops of the tincture before they begin to feel its effects.

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Social - CBD Pet Tincture - Broad Spectrum Peanut Butter - 250mg Lab Report
Social - CBD Pet Tincture - Broad Spectrum Peanut Butter - 500mg Lab Report
Social - CBD Pet Tincture - Broad Spectrum Peanut Butter - 750mg Lab Report
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