Vibe Co - CBD Edible - Icy Mint Chewing Gum - 10mg

Vibe CBD Gum's fast absorption allows for high bioavailability, as the buccal absorption avoids first pass metabolism. This makes the delivering of the benefits 5x faster and more effective then any other intake method of CBD. What does this mean? When chewing the gum, CBD is immediately released and absorbed through the oral mucosa and not the digestive system. Bypassing the digestive system allows the CBD to retain its high bioavailability. Also, this means that the rich-infused CBD gets absorbed through the body 5x faster and more effective than any other method of oral ingestion. Studies have shown that swallowing CBD as capsules, tinctures, beverages, or edibles distributes less than 10% of the CBD displayed on the label. With Vibe CBD gum, immediate restoration and relief is brought to your aches, pains, anxiety and stress at a dosage strong enough and capable of making a real difference.

Lab Reports

Vibe Co - CBD Edible - Icy Mint Chewing Gum - 10mg Lab Report

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